What is a tampliner?

One of TIME’s Best Inventions 2020

The tampliner is a brand new period product that combines an organic cotton tampon with a soft mini-liner for extra protection against leaks. It’s convenient, mess-free and hypoallergenic.

Mess-free, great for when you’re on the move

The virtual applicator keeps your finger clean when you’re putting it in

Once you’ve put it in, the mini-liner can fold lengthways, so it sits between your labia. That’s how it catches leaks!

When you take it out, the tampliner wraps itself – ready for the bin

Invented by a gynaecologist

An unwrapped organic cotton Callaly tampliner lies on a peach coloured plate on a pink surface, with a navy blue cord design

The tampliner was invented by a gynaecologist – and it shows. Every detail is made with care, from the soft mini-liner to our absorbent organic cotton tampon. Even the virtual applicator is made with breathable, medical-quality material that works with your body.



Made with soft organic and bio-compatible materials

Wraps itself on the way out

Wraps itself on the way out

Leaves your body cleanly wrapped and ready for the bin

Underwear friendly


Fits the contours of your body for a natural silhouette

What our customers say

An arm reaches into a pink bathroom to remove a Callaly organic tampliner from a wooden shelf
An arm reaches into a pink bathroom to remove a Callaly organic tampliner from a wooden shelf

Got questions?

See all our FAQs here

How is a tampliner different from a normal tampon?

Tampliners are a completely new femcare product. They have three parts: an organic cotton tampon, an organic cotton mini-liner, and a virtual applicator that connects the two. Wearing a tampliner feels quite different from using a normal tampon. The mini-liner is worn folded between your labia, giving you extra protection against leaks. The tampon and mini-liner are connected by a breathable virtual applicator. This is made from a medical-grade, ultra-thin film that you wear inside your vagina, keeping the mini-liner in place.

Inserting and removing tampliners is different from using a normal tampon. See the next two questions for more detail.

It's worn “folded between my labia” – where is that exactly?

Your labia are your vaginal lips. The mini-liner should be worn folded and tucked up between your labia.

Everyone’s body is unique and labia come in many shapes and sizes, so the mini-liner will look slightly different on each person. It might be totally hidden between your labia or it might peep out slightly, but it shouldn’t be worn flat against your underwear. The virtual applicator (transparent bit) should be totally hidden inside your vagina.

What is a virtual applicator?

The virtual applicator is very different from the ones you find on applicator tampons. The virtual applicator is made from an ultra-thin film – the same material that’s used in the medical industry, so it’s totally safe. It connects to the tampon at one end and the mini-liner at the other, and it stays inside your body the entire time you’re wearing a tampliner. It keeps your finger clean as you insert the tampon and also neatly wraps the used tampon as you remove it. Unlike an ordinary applicator, it’s mess-free!

How do I know what absorbency to use?

Tampliners come in Regular, Super and Super Plus absorbencies. You should use the same tampliner absorbency that you would for tampons. The mini-liner is the same size on all absorbencies. The virtual applicator increases in size with each absorbency so that it can comfortably hold the tampon on removal.

Medical quality

Medical quality

The virtual applicator in tampliners is made from the same biocompatible materials used by the medical profession

Planet conscious

Planet conscious

All our packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable, and most of our products are 100% biodegradable

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

Our products are made with 100% organic cotton, meaning they’re free from pesticides, dioxins, dyes and other nasties

Two intertwined arms both hold aloft a wrapped tampliner

When to use tampliners

  • Heavy days (or nights) when a tampon isn’t enough
  • For extra protection without bulk under tight clothes
  • When an extra liner feels like a faff
  • When you need to keep your fingers clean
  • To cut down on single-use packaging

Discover the tampliner

Organic cotton, hypoallergenic and mess-free.
Two products in one life-changing moment.

A hand reaches across a bathroom to select a tampliner from a Callaly box