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Tampliners vs tampons

  • How is a tampliner different from a normal tampon?

    Tampliners are a completely new femcare product. They have three parts: an organic cotton tampon, an organic cotton mini-liner, and a virtual applicator that connects the two. Wearing a tampliner feels quite different from using a normal tampon. The mini-liner is worn folded between your labia, giving you extra protection against leaks. The tampon and mini-liner are connected by a breathable virtual applicator. This is made from a medical-grade, ultra-thin film that you wear inside your vagina, keeping the mini-liner in place.

    Inserting and removing tampliners is different from using a normal tampon. See the next two questions for more detail.

  • I’m used to applicator tampons. How is using a tampliner different?

    You’ll still need to use two hands to insert a tampliner, but you’ll use one hand to hold the mini-liner in place against your body and the other to push the tampon into your vagina. This might take a few tries to get right if you’re not used to positioning a tampon with your own fingers. The virtual applicator will still keep your finger clean, but since it’s attached to the tampon, there will be nothing to throw away.

    When you remove your tampliner, you’ll need one hand to hold the mini-liner firmly in place against your body and the other hand to gently pull the string of the tampon until it comes out, wrapped inside the virtual applicator. If you pull without holding the mini-liner against your body, the tampon won’t come out neatly wrapped.

  • I’m used to non-applicator tampons. How is using a tampliner different?

    You’ll need two hands to insert a tampliner: one to hold the mini-liner in place against your body and the other to push the tampon into your vagina. The virtual applicator will keep your finger clean as you position the tampon.

    When you remove your tampliner, you’ll need one hand to hold the mini-liner firmly in place against your body and the other hand to gently pull the string of the tampon until it comes out, wrapped inside the virtual applicator. If you pull without holding the mini-liner against your body, the tampon won’t come out neatly wrapped.

  • What is a mini-liner?

    A mini-liner is like a pantyliner, but smaller. Traditional liners are shaped to sit flat inside your underwear, whereas Callaly mini-liners are designed to fold comfortably between your labia. Our mini-liners are made with 100% organic cotton plus a moisture-wicking backing that ensures blood doesn’t leak on to your underwear.

  • When you say “folded between my labia”, where is that exactly?

    Your labia are your vaginal lips. The mini-liner should be worn folded and tucked up between your labia.

    Everyone’s body is unique and labia come in many shapes and sizes, so the mini-liner will look slightly different on each person. It might be totally hidden between your labia or it might stick out slightly, but it shouldn’t be worn flat against your underwear. The virtual applicator (transparent bit) should be totally hidden inside your vagina.

    The diagram below shows how the mini-liner looks when it’s worn correctly and when it isn’t. It might help to find a mirror or use your phone to check.

  • What exactly is a virtual applicator? Is it like the applicator on an applicator tampon?

    The virtual applicator is very different from the ones you find on applicator tampons. The virtual applicator is made from an ultra-thin film – the same material that’s used in the medical industry, so it’s totally safe. It connects to the tampon at one end and the mini-liner at the other, and it stays inside your body the entire time you’re wearing a tampliner. It keeps your finger clean as you insert the tampon and also neatly wraps the used tampon as you remove it. Unlike an ordinary applicator, it’s mess-free!

Using tampliners

  • I’m a first-time user. How quickly will I get used to tampliners?

    It depends on the person, but some people have told us they used eight tampliners before they felt totally comfortable using them. People who wear tampliners incorrectly don’t get all the benefits, so it’s important to read the leaflet in your box (despite the temptation not to!) and make sure you’re doing it right. If you’ve lost your leaflet, just email us at and we’ll send you a digital version. Try your first tampliner when you have enough time to follow the steps carefully and when you feel relaxed – this will make it easier.

  • How do I know that I’m using tampliners properly?

    There are a few ways you can tell if you’ve got a tampliner in the right place. Once you’ve inserted the tampliner in, check that the mini-liner is folded and not worn flat. The virtual applicator shouldn’t be hanging down outside your body, so if you see or feel it doing so, insert the tampon further into your vagina. Most people can’t feel the tampon or virtual applicator once it’s inserted, but you’ll probably be able to feel the mini-liner until you get used to it.

    To make sure you’re getting all the benefits of tampliners, do make sure you read the leaflet in your box carefully and follow the diagrams. If you’ve lost your leaflet, just email us at and we’ll send you a digital version.

  • How do I pee and poo while using a tampliner?

    We’ve found that everyone has their own way of going to the toilet while wearing a tampliner; it will depend on your anatomy. Some people prefer to hold the mini-liner out of the way to keep it clean, others find it helpful to lean forward while peeing, and others can use the toilet as normal without needing to move the mini-liner at all.

    If you do adjust the mini-liner before using the toilet, make sure you reposition it between your labia when you’ve finished. If the mini-liner does get wet or soiled, you should change your tampliner.

  • Can I wear tampliners in the shower or to go swimming?

    Since the mini-liner isn’t worn inside your vagina, it is likely to get wet in the shower or while swimming. This would make wearing a tampliner uncomfortable and less effective, since the mini-liner would be saturated and no longer protect well against leaks. While the tampon won’t be any less effective if you do, we wouldn’t recommend showering or swimming while wearing tampliners.

  • How often should I change my tampliner?

    You should change your tampliner at least every 4-6 hours, or more regularly if needed, depending on how heavy your period is. Tampliners can be left overnight for up to 8 hours but remember to insert a fresh one before going to sleep and replace it again first thing in the morning. You are at a higher risk of TSS if you wear a tampon for longer than 8 hours, and this includes tampliners. Remember to choose the lowest absorbency to fit your flow – your tampon should be full when you remove it.

  • Are tampliners suitable for teens/first periods?

    Absolutely! Tampliners are safe for everyone who has their period. As with anyone new to tampliners, we recommend taking some time to read through the leaflet before the first time you use one. If you have any questions, please write to us at, and we’ll be happy to give you more guidance!

  • Can I flush a tampliner down the toilet?

    As with all period products, you should never flush tampliners down the toilet. You’ll find that the tampon conveniently wraps back into the virtual applicator as you remove it, making a neat package to put in the bin.

Choosing tampliners

  • When is the best time to use a tampliner?

    This will be different for everyone. Some people find tampliners perfect for their heavier days, when a tampon alone is not enough. Some people wear tampliners for their lighter days, and prefer tampons with pads when their flow is heavier. For others it’s more about lifestyle, so they will wear tampliners for extra protection without bulkiness during exercise. For others still, it’s mostly about the feeling of protection, so they’ll choose tampliners when wearing special clothes or underwear.

  • What absorbencies do tampliners come in? How do I know what absorbency to use?

    Tampliners come in Regular, Super and Super Plus absorbencies. You should use the same tampliner absorbency that you would for tampons. The mini-liner is the same size on all absorbencies. The virtual applicator increases in size with each absorbency so that it can comfortably hold the tampon on removal.

  • I have heavy periods. Will tampliners absorb more than normal tampons?

    The tampon component of tampliners has the same absorbency as your usual tampon. The mini-liner provides additional leakage protection, but it’s not designed to hold as much blood as a conventional liner. If a Super Plus tampon is not usually enough, then a Super Plus tampliner will reduce your risk of leaking on to your underwear. You will still need to change your tampliner as frequently as you would change a standard tampon.

  • Will the mini-liner really protect me like a normal liner does?

    The mini-liner is designed to give you extra protection from leaks when the tampon is full. However, it’s not designed to hold as much blood as a conventional liner, which is bulkier.

Tampliner materials

  • What are tampliners made of?

    Our tampons are made with 100% organic cotton and have a very thin protective film to prevent shedding, so they won’t leave any material behind in your vagina like some tampons can. Our mini-liners are made with 100% organic cotton and have an impermeable bio-film on the bottom to keep your underwear dry. Our virtual applicators are made from medical-grade, breathable membrane, the same material that’s used for internal medical devices, so it’s totally safe. We put your health before profit, so every material we use is the highest quality we could find.

  • What is the virtual applicator made of?

    Our virtual applicators are made from a medical-grade, breathable membrane, the same material used for internal medical devices such as catheters.

  • What is the tampon made of?

    Our tampons are made with 100% organic cotton and have a protective film to prevent fibres from shedding inside your vagina like some tampons can.

  • What is the mini-liner made of?

    Our mini-liners are made with 100% organic cotton and have an impermeable bio-film on the bottom to keep your underwear dry.

  • Are tampliners biodegradable?

    Tampliners are 95% biodegradable. The organic cotton tampon and mini-liner biodegrade faster than the virtual applicator.


  • Where are tampliners made?

    Callaly is based in the UK, where all our tampliners are designed, manufactured and packed. We’re proud to be Made in Britain.

Other products

  • What are all the products you sell?

    We sell tampliners, non-applicator tampons, liners, and day and night pads. Our tampliners come in Regular, Super and Super Plus absorbencies and our non-applicator tampons are available in Light, Regular, Super and Super Plus. We use 100% organic cotton in all our products.

  • Why organic cotton?

    Organic cotton is cotton that hasn’t been treated with pesticides, dioxins, dyes or other harmful chemicals. Your vagina is the most absorbent part of your body and your health is our top priority, so we make sure there is nothing harmful in the cotton we use. We use eco-friendly adhesive on both our pads and liners, which sticks better to cotton underwear.

  • Is organic cotton more absorbent?

    Organic cotton is equal in absorbency to any other cotton. It’s actually slightly less absorbent than artificial materials like rayon that are used to make some other tampons. However there are benefits to using organic cotton: our surveys have found it’s less likely to irritate your skin and lead to infections, it’s very soft to the touch, and it’s free from dioxins, dyes, perfumes and pesticides (which you might prefer not to put inside your vagina). If you’re used to using leading pad brands that contain large amounts of plastic and super-absorbent gels, you might find our pads are a bit less absorbent than you’re used to. We hope you’ll find the benefits of organic cotton make it worth the swap.

  • Do you use chlorine bleach on your products?

    No, we don’t. Without any bleach at all, our products wouldn’t be clean, and they would look brown. We use a chlorine-free bleach to purify our products because it doesn’t produce dioxins. You might have read about the dangers of dioxins, but even chlorine-bleached tampons only contain trace amounts and there’s no conclusive evidence to prove that they will cause you any harm. We’ve decided to give them a swerve anyway, because we’re perfectionists like that. But we don’t think you need to feel worried about using chlorine-bleached products if they work better for you. 

  • Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

    Our products are not currently certified vegan or cruelty-free due to FDA requirements. Any period products that are available for sale in the US have to pass these regulations, which require a one-off animal test to ensure safety for use near or inside the vagina. Complying with these regulations was essential for us in order to sell in the US, which we plan to do in the near future. We put enormous value in human safety and high standards, but we do not condone animal testing unless there is absolutely no alternative available. For that reason we are in conversation with the FDA to determine whether alternative cruelty-free tests might be possible in future. We do not conduct ongoing animal tests and our full range contains no animal by-products. While many period care brands might claim to be cruelty-free, any company selling third-party products that are also available in the US will have been subject to these same tests at some point in the supply chain. At Callaly we value transparency and believe that you have the right to make the most informed decisions you can.

  • Do I have to buy all your products?

    Not at all. You can customise your box to contain whatever you need for your period, including the right product mix, quantities and absorbencies. You know your needs best, so you can choose what you want and leave the rest. On the other hand if you’re feeling indecisive, we also offer pre-selected product mixes based on popular choices.

  • Are your products available in shops?

    Yes! You can buy tampliners in Regular, Super and Super Plus absorbencies from Planet Organic (in store and online) and some independent pharmacies. You can only shop our entire range here on our site, but you’ll also find tampliners available on Amazon.

  • Do you offer a first period kit/teen period kit?

    Yes, we offer a teen period kit, which is a selection of our products that are suitable for teens who are still in the earlier years of getting their periods. We don’t call it a first period kit because at this time we’re not able to offer smaller-sized products, though we are actively sourcing them for future inclusion. We have pre-filled our box builder with products suitable for light to medium flow, but you can swap our recommendations for whatever works best for you. This isn’t something many other first or teen period kits allow, but we know that everybody’s slightly different, regardless of your age. You can find our teen period kit here, and our team is available if you have any questions while you’re checking it out!

Delivery & packaging

  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship to the UK, Ireland, Sweden and the Netherlands. If you’d like to know when we start shipping to new locations, sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

  • How much does delivery cost?

    Delivery is free for all of our subscribers regardless of the products you choose! If you decide to buy a one-off box that doesn’t contain tampliners, you’ll need to cover the cost of delivery. Delivery costs vary between countries, so we’ll calculate it for you at checkout.

  • How long does shipping take?

    Estimated shipping times will vary by country and we’re seeing some delays across Europe due to Covid19. From the date your box is shipped, we aim to get it to you in the following timeframes (which exclude weekends and public holidays):

    • 3-5 days in the UK
    • 5-10 days in Ireland
    • 5-8 days in the Netherlands
    • 10-17 days in Sweden

    Find out more about shipping here.

  • Do I have to be at home to receive my box?

    No, you don’t! If you have a standard-sized letterbox, our boxes will fit through it and be waiting for you when you get home. Find out more about shipping here.

  • What should I do if my box hasn’t arrived within the estimated delivery time?

    Get in touch with the Customer Care team at, and we’ll do our best to sort it out for you!

  • Will I receive a tracking number for my box?

    We don’t offer a tracked service to all our shipping locations at the moment. If you have received a tracked service, you will be sent your tracking number via email.

  • Is the packaging discreet?

    Yes, our boxes have minimal branding on the outside.

  • Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

    Yes! This is an important consideration for us. Here’s what to do with all our packaging:

    • Boxes are made from FSC recyclable cardboard, and can go in with your household recycling
    • The wrappers that group your products together to stop them getting damaged in the post are compostable. Whilst we are working hard to develop home compostable films for our products, at the moment our wrappers are only industrially compostable and should be disposed of in the general waste bin. They will, however, disintegrate in under 12 weeks without leaving any toxins behind them
    • The individual wrappers covering each of your products are biodegradable, because we know you usually unwrap products in the bathroom without a recycling bin nearby. These wrappers will biodegrade into natural elements even if they’re taken to landfill
    • The postcards we send with your boxes to provide extra info can go back into the recycling when you’ve finished reading them. The leaflet is recyclable, but you should hold on to it for future reference
  • I’ve moved home or I’d like to get my boxes sent to a different location. How do I update my address?

    If you’ve moved to a different location in the same country, simply log into your dashboard and edit your delivery address. We can keep only one delivery address on file for you at a time. 

    If you’ve moved to a different country, please get in touch with the Customer Care team at

Ordering & managing my subscription

  • Can I order without subscribing?

    Yes! We offer both one-off purchases and subscriptions on any mix of products you choose. Subscriptions offer long-term flexibility, but we understand that you might want to try out our products before you decide. If you make a one-off purchase that doesn’t contain tampliners, you will be charged for delivery. Once you subscribe, deliveries are always free. There is no limit to the number of one-off purchases you can make.

  • What if I buy a one-off box and then decide I want to subscribe?

    It’s really simple! Just log into your dashboard (use the icon on the top right of your screen), and click to subscribe to the box you’ve already received. If you want to change which products or absorbencies are in your box, you can do that before choosing if you want to receive your delivery every 4, 8 or 12 weeks. You’ll need to enter your delivery and billing information once more so it’s confirmed for your subscription, then you’ll be all set.

  • How do I customise my first box?

    First pick the products you need, then choose the absorbencies for each product that best fit your flow. You can decide if you want to receive your subscription box every 4, 8 or 12 weeks. Then simply enter your shipping and billing information, and your box will be with you in a few days’ time!

  • Does my subscription automatically renew?

    Yes, your subscription will renew automatically every 4, 8, or 12 weeks; whichever option you’ve chosen. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder email three days before we pack each box in case you want to make any changes to your box, reschedule or skip it or cancel your subscription.

  • What are the benefits of an online account?

    There are a few!

    • an online account gives you access to your dashboard, where you can make changes to your subscription anytime you like.
    • we post exclusive customer discounts on your dashboard, so you’ll only see them if you have an account
    • if you need to change personal details like your delivery address or payment method, it’s simple to do from your account 
    • records of your previous order history will be stored on your account in case you want to access them
  • I have a subscription, but I haven’t set up an account yet. How do I make one?

    No problem! You can set up an account any time by selecting the icon in the top right hand corner of your screen or by clicking here. Once you’re there, choose ‘Forgot your password?’ and add in the email address you used when you signed up to Callaly (this is the same email address we’ve sent your order confirmation and shipping emails to). We’ll then send you an email with further instructions. You’ll be in your dashboard in no time!

  • I’ve forgotten my login details. What do I do?

    Depending on when you subscribed with us, you should have created a password after you bought your first box. If you remember your password, you can log in here. If you connected your Google or Facebook accounts to your Callaly account after checkout, you can also log in using your chosen method. If you can’t remember your password, enter your email address when signing in and select ‘Forgot your password?’. We’ll send you instructions to help you get back into your account. As always, for any more questions, just contact us at!

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription any time by logging into your dashboard here. You’ll find the link to cancel at the bottom of your dashboard. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the grey ‘Cancel’ button. If you think you might want more products at any time in the future, you can easily skip up to a year’s worth of boxes in your dashboard instead. As soon as you log in, you’ll see the ‘Skip’ button under where it says “Your second or next box”. If you cancel and then change your mind later, you’ll need to log back into your dashboard to reactivate your subscription.

  • I need to change my products before my next box arrives. What should I do?

    You can change your product mix and absorbencies right up to the day before your next box is packed. Simply log into your dashboard (use the icon on the top right of your screen), and make your changes. This will become your new personalised mix, so it won’t revert back to what you chose previously. Depending on how you change your product mix, your price will also increase or decrease.

  • I don’t need another box yet. What should I do?

    You can easily skip your next box! Simply log into your dashboard (use the icon on the top right of your screen), and choose the Skip option. You can do this for up to a year’s worth of boxes, making it a good alternative to cancelling if you want to take a longer break.

  • Can I make changes to my next box once my subscription has renewed?

    No, you can’t make any changes once your subscription has renewed because your box has already been paid for. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder email three days before your subscription renews. The email will tell you your deadline to make any changes, which will be midnight the night before your subscription renews. You’ll then receive a confirmation of payment via email so you’ll know when this point has passed.

  • Is it easy to skip a box or cancel my subscription?

    It’s easy to do either of these things via buttons on your dashboard – just log in using the icon on the top-right of your screen. Cancelling is more final, whereas the Skip button lets you skip boxes for up to a year without ending your subscription. You won’t pay anything when you skip a box and if you need products sooner, you can log in any time and change your next shipment date. If you cancel, you’ll still be able to view your previous orders in your dashboard, but if you want to buy our products again you’ll need to reactivate your subscription. We recommend only cancelling if you’re sure you won’t want any more Callaly products in future.

  • I received the wrong products / my products were damaged. What should I do?

    We’re sorry about that! Please take a photo of the contents of your box or the damaged areas and send it to We’ll assess the situation with you and in most cases, arrange for a new box to be sent to you as soon as possible, free of charge.

  • I haven't received my last order. What should I do?

    We’re sorry for the inconvenience! Please contact us at so we can work out why this has happened. We’ll confirm we have the correct delivery address and if so, we’ll arrange for a new box to be sent to you as soon as possible, free of charge.

Payment & privacy

  • How do you price your boxes?

    We sell each of our products in packs of 4 or 6. Packs are priced depending on the product, so liners are less expensive than pads, for example. We’ve based our pack sizes and prices on customer feedback and by comparing our products with others on the market. The final price of your box will be calculated based on the product mix you choose. You can choose a total of 4, 6 or 8 product packs (up to 6 packs for pads, in order to keep our boxes small enough to fit through your letterbox).   

    4 tampliners =  £2 / €2.30 / 24 kr

    4 pads = £2 / €2.30 / 25 kr

    6 tampons = £1.80 / €2.10 / 22 kr

    6 liners = £1.50 / €1.80 / 18 kr

  • What’s your take on the tampon tax?

    Since Callaly is located in the UK, we are subject only to the UK tampon tax, not that of each country we ship to.

    The UK Government announced in March 2020 that there would be no more ‘tampon tax’ from January 2021. The tampon tax refers to the 5% added VAT charge on period products, which the government has categorised as “non-essential luxury goods”. Pretty crazy, right?

    Any company that sells period products essentially acts as a middle (wo)man, either collecting the extra VAT from customers or covering it themselves, and then sending that amount to the government. Customers can expect the cost of their period products to be reduced once this tax is removed next year. We’ve decided to go a step further and give our customers tampon tax-free prices early…10 months early, in fact, in March 2020!

    At the time of the government announcement, we were already planning a new pricing system to make our products more affordable for all our customers. After the announcement, we reduced our prices even more so that they reflect the savings you’ll make next January when the tampon tax is removed. This means you don’t have to wait until next year to benefit from the new laws.

    As a result we don’t intend to change our prices in January 2021, and we will continue to pass VAT to the government until then.

  • Do you offer student discounts?

    Yes we do! You can find out more here.

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept ApplePay, PayPal and all major credit/debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept Klarna in Sweden and iDEAL in the Netherlands.

  • Can I change my payment method?

    Yes! Just visit your dashboard to change your payment method. We are available to help if you need guidance, but if you’re switching to card payment or entering new card details, please note that our team is unable to take down your card details for security reasons.

  • When will I be charged for each box?

    You’re charged on the day your box is sent (or in some cases, the day before). If you move your shipping date, you also move the date you are charged. We’ll always send you a reminder email three days before your order is due to be packed and shipped, so you’ll have time to change your order or skip your next box before your payment is processed.

  • What happens if my card expires?

    We will notify you two weeks in advance if the card we have on file for you is due to expire, so you can update your card details or change your payment method.

  • I received an email about a failed payment. What does that mean for my next box?

    Unfortunately we can’t send your next box until we receive a successful payment. We will wait to pack your box when your card is successfully charged, or when you update your payment method.

  • Can I return my order for a refund?

    Given the intimate nature of our products, we’re unable to offer refunds. However if there’s anything wrong with your order, please get in touch as soon as possible at so we can get things sorted for you.

  • What information do you keep about your customers?

    We hold on to only the information we need to offer you our service (like delivery address, contact information and product mix) and any information you voluntarily give us through surveys and reviews. We do not store your payment details on our platform.

  • I unsubscribed from your emails, so why am I still getting them?

    You can’t unsubscribe from transactional emails, which let you know about any payment updates, when you’re about to renew and when your next box has been shipped. We have to send these emails to maintain transparency about your orders, but you will not receive emails about anything else now that you’ve unsubscribed.

Callaly as a company

  • Where are you located?

    Our headquarters are in London and we manufacture in the UK. We are proudly Made in Britain, where our company got its start and where our team is located.

  • How big is your team? Are you hiring?

    There are 20 of us in total, with internships throughout the year. If you’re interested in joining our team, you can see our vacancies here.

  • What is a B-Corp and why are you one?

    This is really important to us, so we’ve written an article here explaining what being a B-Corp means for Callaly.

  • Why do you talk about ‘people with periods’ and not ‘women’?

    We want to create the most inclusive products, brand and company we possibly can. Not everyone who menstruates is a woman (periods can be experienced by trans men, and intersex and non binary people too) just as not all women menstruate (for a range of reasons including contraception, menopause, health conditions and trans gender). ‘Women’ is therefore not the most accurate word to use when we’re talking about the people who use our products. It’s really important to us that our language is inclusive and compassionate towards people of all races, genders and bodies. There are some occasions when we do refer to ‘women’, particularly if we’re referencing research (which is sometimes outside our control) but wherever possible we’ll highlight when we’re talking about cis women.

  • Do you donate period products?

    Yes we do! In 18 months we’ve donated 70,000 pads and tampons to charities in our hometown of London, like Bloody Good Period, Red Box Project and Solace Women’s Aid. 

    If you’re interested in receiving a donation, please feel free to email us at with details regarding who you want to donate to, which products you’re interested in, and the quantities that you’re looking for. That way our team can review and get in touch if we’ll be able to support or if they have further questions.

  • I’m looking for a press/partnership contact. Who’s the best person to ask?

    Send an email to, and our head of PR and partnerships Celia will get back to you.

I can’t find the answer I need

Our customer care team is always happy to help. We’re available to answer any questions or concerns 9am-6pm GMT, Monday-Friday except bank holidays. You can leave your question using the form in the bottom right corner of your screen or send us an email any time at Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. At this time, we only provide support in English.

Please remember that none of the correspondence you have with our customer care team constitutes medical advice, and we strongly recommend that you consult your GP for any medical questions or concerns. Click here to find a GP near you.

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