We’re a little different

We have very high standards for period products and we think you should, too

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Break it down

Our tampliners are more than 95% biodegradable – and we’re trying to get closer to 100% all the time.

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Who runs the world?

We will always invest at least 1% of our sales in projects that support and empower people with periods.

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Raise the bar

We are a certified B Corporation®, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance.

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“Despite being part of the lives of half the global population, there has been little innovation or big thinking around periods in 80 years – since the tampon was invented.”

Invented by a gynaecologist.

Developed by a garment technologist.

You could say Callaly’s story is a little different…

It all began with Alex, Callaly’s co-founder. After 30 years as a gynaecologist, he’d listened to thousands of women talk about their frustration with the choice of period products on the market. Most options were either uncomfortable, inconvenient or prone to leaks, and the old-fashioned retail model meant people were still traipsing to the shops to buy multiple boxes of products and absorbencies.

Alex wanted to help create a better, more convenient option that solved these problems. And thus the tampliner was born.

When Alex was happy with his design he began to stitch together prototypes with his own hands. But in order to get the quality he dreamed of, he needed someone with better needlework skills – and first-hand experience of using tampons. He partnered with Ewa, a garment technologist with 10 years’ experience in the fashion industry, who made the first functioning tampliner. As Callaly’s co-founder and head of product, Ewa has been painstakingly perfecting our designs ever since. Together, we’ve designed a product that we really believe in and we hope that once you’ve tried our tampliners, you will too.

And because everyone has different needs, we’ve expanded our product selection to include tampons, pads and liners, all made with organic cotton and in customisable absorbencies. Now, however you flow, you can build a box that works for you.

Discover the tampliner

Organic cotton, hypoallergenic and mess-free.
Two products in one life-changing moment.

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