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Get tailored boxes of organic period products delivered through your door

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Callaly organic period products, including tampons, pads, liners and tampliners, lie on a wooden surface with green foliage

Here’s something better

We’ll send you everything you need for your period from our range of organic cotton tampons, tampliners, pads and liners. Get them delivered when it suits you, in absorbencies to fit your period – no surplus, no shopping.

…and we’ve reinvented the tampon

7 out of 10 women who use tampons also add a liner just in case. With tampliners, you get the same peace of mind but without the bulk of a separate liner.

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A hand holds an unwrapped Callaly tampliner over a pink and white background near a sink
A hand reaches for a tampliner resting on top of a pile of white towels in a chic bathroom setting

Quality with kindness

We’ll always put your health before our profits. Read our story

Soft organic cotton

Soft organic cotton

All our products are gentle on
your body and the planet

No nasties

No nasties

Our cotton is free from dioxins,
dyes, pesticides and fragrances

Designed for you

Designed for you

Our tampliner was invented by
a gynaecologist to make periods easier

Tailor your box

Mix and match to get your perfect combination of period products

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A better way to buy



Choose tampons, pads, liners and
tampliners in any absorbencies



Book regular, flexible deliveries to fit
your cycle – always free of charge



Your products arrive through your
letterbox a few days later

What our customers say

“These products made me a lot less irritated than other products I've used including Always and Bodyform.”

Kirstin, Northern Ireland

“Tampliners may look a bit odd at first but they are my new fave! The whole design works so well at meeting your needs, and they get delivered to me every month so I never have to remember!”

Lottie M, Cornwall

“It was wonderful to not feel like I was killing the planet for something I couldn’t help :)”

Hephzibah, Oxfordshire
Four hands in a range of skintones hold up Callaly organic products: tampliners, tampons, tampons, liners and pads
Four hands in a range of skintones hold up Callaly organic products: tampliners, tampons, tampons,
                liners and pads

What can I buy?

All our products are made with organic cotton and can be combined to suit you

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