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Organic cotton pads


Comfortable, reliable pads in day or night versions, made with 100% biodegradable organic cotton. Our pads are free from dioxins, dyes, perfumes, pesticides and other nasties.

Choose the same absorbency as you would for tampons.
We pack tampliners in multiples of 4.
We pack tampons in multiples of 6.
We pack pads in multiples of 4.
Our liners come in one absorbency.
We pack liners in multiples of 6.
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Organic cotton

Always made with
100% organic cotton


Pause or cancel any
time to suit you

Delivered through your letterbox

Delivered through
your letterbox

Callaly organic period products, including tampons, pads, liners and tampliners, lie on a wooden surface with green foliage

Our range

Explore our selection of organic cotton tampliners, tampons, pads and liners.

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