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Innovation of the Year

Amazon Launchpad

“One of the best eco-friendly brands worth trying now"


“A next-gen tampon”
— Best Inventions of 2020

“Callaly vows to continue its important mission … in a groundbreaking campaign”

Dazed Digital

“So empowering … a groundbreaking campaign”


Reddot Design Award

“Callaly's edge, alongside its penchant for smart design, was its boldness in setting out to disrupt a sector that had long stagnated”


Most Innovative Companies 2021

Fast Company

“The tampliner might just be a game changer.”


“Callaly’s tampliner has received a lot of media attention in the UK”


Hip & Healthy Wellness Awards 2021

Hip & Healthy

“Do away with doubling up on period protection.”

Women's Health

“…it’s easy to insert and remove and the instructions in the box are very descriptive. The super+ lasted well for about five hours and worked well throughout a workout.”

The Independent Indy/Best

Silver award 银奖

Chinese Design Museum

“Security without the bulk of a separate pad. Their branding is very chic too.”


"All the packaging is sustainable; the cardboard gets recycled and the wrappers are either biodegradable or compostable."


Tampliner honoured in World Changing Ideas Awards 2020

Fast Company's World Changing Ideas 2020

“The tampon has been given a major upgrade.”


“There’s finally a tampon to stop period leaks.”


“Callaly has totally rethought the tampon.”

Daily Mail

Hygienix Innovation Award Winner


"This nifty gynaecologist-designed newcomer is hoping to be your all-in-one alternative on the days when only a tampon and a liner will do."

“…a combined tampon and pantyliner designed to be cleaner and more comfortable”

The Sunday Times

“After decades of little innovation, a flurry of forward-thinking start-ups are trying to win a slice of the market by taking an aim at Tampax”

Independent Minds

“Thoughtful, well-considered fresh idea with innovative use of techniques and materials which has completely delivered on the brief.”

Design Week Awards 2020

“The tampliner is a solution for anyone who doesn’t trust their tampon.”


“Innovation in period products was severely lacking until Callaly came along.”

Evening Standard

One of the top 10 most forward-thinking designs created for women.


One of the UK’s 50 leading DTC brands

IAB – Born online

“It’s a completely new design.”


“Someone invented a tampon that doesn’t leak and it’s low-key genius.”


“…the solution for anyone who doesn’t trust their tampon not to leak”

The Sun

Best New Disposable Product of 2017-2019 Utilizing Engineered Fabrics

Idea® 19

“A new product called the tampliner aims to provide more femcare options for women.”

JWT Intelligence

“An added benefit of the Callaly creation is that the whole thing is 95% biodegradable and made with organic cotton, so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that both you and the planet are getting a better deal.”



Cosmopolitan Germany

“The first big change to the tampon since 1936.”


“It’s made of organic biodegradable cotton, so it won’t spend much time on the landfill after you dispose of it.”


“A hybrid of sanitary products created by a hybrid of knowledgeable minds.”


“As far as leaks went, there were none in sight and I was pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of the tampliner.”


“...they’re a good option for the environmentally conscious.”

Refinery 29

“Radical innovation … the one-to-watch in the hygiene market.”

Innovation In Textiles

Discover the tampliner

Organic cotton, hypoallergenic and mess-free.
Two products in one life-changing moment.

A hand reaches across a bathroom to select a tampliner from a Callaly box