When to use tampliners

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Think tampliners sound like a clever idea but not sure how they’ll fit into your life? Have a read of the below list and see if any of these scenarios sound familiar.

When you’re used to doubling up a tampon with a liner, and tbh you’re getting a bit annoyed
Liners are great for extra peace of mind but, let’s face it, they can sometimes be a bit of a faff. Tampliners combine two products – an organic tampon and a soft mini-liner – into one, so no need for all that unwrapping and sticking. And, more importantly, no more checking if anyone’s watching as you peel a liner off your own buttock because it somehow stuck itself there while you were running for the bus (just us?). Our mini-liner tucks between your labia instead of sticking to your underwear, so once you’ve found a comfy position for it, it stays put.

When you keep ending up with stains in your favourite underwear
First of all, let us make it clear that this is completely normal. Everyone has leaks sometimes, and it doesn’t mean you’re somehow dirty or not winning at adulting. On the other hand it can be annoying to find yourself scrubbing at your own knickers every day when you could be studying for your masters or raising your children or whatever you’d rather do instead. In that case, you might find the mini-liner in tampliners gives you that extra soupcon of protection you’ve been looking for.

When your leggings are tighter than your bank manager
Again, let’s start with a caveat: there’s nothing shameful about having periods, and nothing wrong with people in your yoga class getting a flash of pantyliner silhouette while you’re doing your downward dog. But for those moments when you really want a completely no-VPL effect or to showcase your favourite lacy underwear, tampliners might be the answer. The mini-liner tucks between your labia out of sight (or just peeking out, depending on how you’re built), so no matter what you’re wearing, they’re a little more subtle than your average liner.

When you’re trying to cut down on single-use packaging
Good on you! If you’re fed up with unwrapping and unpeeling multiple products all day long, tampliners will give you the benefit of two products for the packaging of one. Plus, because you can mix and match all the products and absorbencies you need before you order online, there’s no need to stockpile three different boxes of products just in case. If you’re a tampon user, it’s worth knowing that the virtual applicator on a tampliner is a quarter the width of a human hair and will biodegrade much faster than a hard plastic applicator. Oh, and our wrappers are biodegradable too. Our products are disposable, which has more environmental impact than reusable products. But as far as disposables go, we’ve really done our best to make them as Earth-friendly as humanly possible while also putting your health first.

When a tampon doesn’t quite get you through the night
You can wear tampliners safely overnight, for up to 8 hours. So if you keep waking up at 5am needing to change your tampon, a tampliner might just buy you that extra hour or two in bed. (Depending on your flow, of course).

When you don’t want blood on your hands
For the third time in a very short article, we feel we must mention: there’s no shame in periods. We’d be the first to say that a bit of blood on your fingers is generally no big deal. But there might be places and times – festivals, board meetings, cubicles – when you don’t fancy Lady Macbething it, and that’s when tampliners come into their own. When you insert a tampliner, a special transparent membrane (aka the virtual applicator) protects your fingers from getting covered with blood. As you remove it, the same membrane wraps neatly back around the tampon, ready for the bin. At no point do you need to emerge from the office loo looking like Carrie White.

When you feel protective over your vagina
It’s not just your fingers that need protecting sometimes; it’s your vagina too. Let’s say you do find yourself at a festival and you’d usually pop into the portaloo with a non-applicator tampon. If you’re not able to wash your hands before inserting it, you might want to think twice about transferring whatever you might have on your fingers into your vagina. Because the virtual applicator covers your finger as you insert the tampon, tampliners don’t have this problem.

When you keep getting caught short
Tampliners, like all our period products, arrive through your letterbox when you most need them. We’re committed to eradicating the toilet-roll-in-your-pants-waddle-to-the-corner-shop™️.

When you’re sick of the patriarchy
Yeh, OK, this one is a bit of a reach. But we still can’t get over the fact that the basic design of tampons hadn’t really changed for 80 years until we came along. Can you imagine if we were still shaving with razors that looked like the ones from the 1920s? It simply wouldn’t happen! If you find this as disappointing as we do, you can brighten up your day by choosing a product that’s been reinvented specifically for you. People with periods deserve innovation too, right‽

If any of the scenarios on this list are painfully (or joyfully) familiar to you and you fancy giving tampliners a go, why not try adding just four to your customised box of Callaly period products? Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say!

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