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“I really enjoy using tampliners – though that seems odd to say about a period care product! They just WORK. I have a notoriously heavy flow and used to have to pair heavy flow tampons with a pad to deal with leaking. I now use a super plus tampliner alone and it works very well for me – and saves me money. I like how the tampon wraps itself on its way out, too – it makes period care less messy, which is great!”

Hannah E, London

“It took a while getting used to these but now that I’ve been using them since November, I can’t imagine going back to another brand! At first, I couldn’t get my head around the shape and application (I’m lazy and have always used tampons with applicators). But these are great, I’ve tested them on holiday, both on the beach and in the pool, and they really are fantastic.”

Alicja L, Kent

“Great quality tampon with great absorption. Super fun design and packaging! Love the liner combo and how cleanly you can dispose of it afterward!”

Joanna H, Bristol

“Don’t think I’ll ever go back to using normal tampons and liners, never once had a problem using these products and would definitely recommend anyone to use these.”

Simone B, Scotland

“Really impressed with tampliners as they are completely leakproof. I like how they are compact and neat to throw away too.”

Sophie W, London

“Although it doesn't have an applicator, it feels much more hygienic. I love how easy is to dispose of it as well. Thanks for creating such a great product.”

Deborah S, Horsham

“This product has changed my life! No more worrying about leaking or embarrassing pads rustling or feeling like I’m wearing a nappy! So easy to use and discreet. The packaging is cleverly designed to allow hygienic disposal as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone! ”

Lauren B, Norfolk

“Great product! Glad to have tried it, looking forward to my next box.”

Georgina J, Fulham

“I’ve never gotten on with regular tampons, and have hated the nappy feeling of pads. Tampliners have been a revelation for me. They’re easy to use, hygienic to put in and remove, incredibly comfortable (as if I’m not wearing any liner or pad), and very cost effective. I’m a complete convert; will never go back, and can’t help telling my friends all about them. Thank you so much Callaly!”

Jade HC, Brighton

“Tampliners may look at bit odd at first but they are my new fave! The whole design works so well at meeting your needs, and they get delivered to me every month so I never have to remember!”

Lottie M, Cornwall

“I really liked the fact that my fingers did not get any blood on it at all due to the insertion and removal process. The mini liner was very cute and I didn’t feel it at all. Arrived very fast and in a cute box, it’s nice that they have made that effort – makes us girls feel nice and appreciated. I would recommend them especially as your fingers remain totally clean and that's a big thing for me personally”

Niloufar H, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

“The cleanliness of inserting the tampliner, keeps your fingers clean every time. It took me a good few times before I could get used to them.”

Rinku P, Bermondsey

“I’m happy to see that the tampon retracts back into the little pouch, keeping things clean and hygienic. The tampliner never ceases to amaze me.”

Astrid V, London

“Takes a couple of attempts to get used to BUT worth trying as easy and less mess & leaks. Would recommend to anyone who has periods! A MUST! Found the flexibility of the liner to be amazing – as I always had issues with normal pads – these are kept in place in a unique way.”

Authur C, Gloucester

“So unbelievably comfortable I honestly forgot I had them in at times; complete protection, I didn’t once soak through onto my underwear which is normally a constant fear.”

Caitlin W, Edgware

“When I remembered to hold the pad in place, it was great that they wrapped themselves. I liked that, if I took a bit of time, I could totally hide them too which meant I didn’t have to worry about the line of the pad showing through my trousers at work.”

Amanda S, Essex

“Loved using these, not once had one leak which has been great. Easy to use, previously used tampons but used to have to use a pad as no matter which ones I used they leaked. Would definitely recommend these to anyone even if you get heavy flows.”

Simone B, Fife

“Very comfortable and love the fact they are natural. Great product and very stylish packaging. ”

Allegra H, London

“Overall Callaly is a great period product company and I will be recommending it to my friends.”

Tara, London

“I like the environmental benefits and it never leaked.”

Tatiana A, Hertfordshire

“[The best thing about using tampliners is] having a liner included so I did not have to worry about bringing both with me.”

Jess C, Braunton

“Usually mess-free removal and I felt fresher. I had a better idea of when to remove the tampon when the liner became soiled.”

Sam F, North Lanarkshire

“It is easy to dispose when it self-wraps.”

Ciara C, Essex

“Very happy with the tampliner, very unique and have recommended it to friends.”

Dina J, Manchester

“Took a few goes to get used to, I'm not used to using non-applicator tampons so the first few times I wasn’t sure if they were in high enough and they felt a little uncomfortable. But once I got the hang of it, they are just as comfortable as Tampax, and being able to remove them without mess is fantastic! I’ve even been swimming with one in, which I wasn’t always confident of doing before.”

Deborah P, East Sussex

“I was initially very excited about the product as I normally use non-applicator tampons. The product itself looks fab and I like the idea of the monthly delivery. However, the product just didn’t work for me and felt uncomfortable.”

Christina M, Odiham

“As a normal user of applicator tampons I found the non-applicator aspect very difficult and quite uncomfortable as I couldn’t insert the tampliner properly. This is not an issue with the product at all but just me as the one occasion I did fit it properly it was very comfortable to wear.”

Sarah E, Merseyside

“This is such a good idea! You get your period every month and if you are regular why not get them on a monthly subscription?”

Coren C, South Yorkshire

“Found it easy to use as I normally use non-applicator tampons. The first attempt was a tad unsuccessful but the next was fine. I have a very light flow so ultimately felt even the regular was too much for me, I could also feel the pad every now and then. I’d probably still use on some days and loved the fact you didn’t need a separate liner for extra protection.”

Evangeline B, Wirral

“I found the whole process a delight as I have issues with items which are unhygienic, it's almost a phobia!! This product did not give me any concerns regarding hygiene and I just loved it.”

Sarah O, Cumbernauld

“It was a little uncomfortable to begin with but soon forgot about it being there.”

Tanya P, Devon

“I really liked the design, I think it was very easy to use, the applicator was smooth and not hard and the tampon was very comfy. I would not improve anything.”

Rosina A, Birmingham

“I don’t like using 2 products at once so one that does the job is brill.”

Amelia B, Nottingham

“I liked the attachment of the small discreet pantyliner.”

Amisha P, Harrow

“It’s a pain to always use two products just to be on the safe side. It would be nicer to be able to just trust one product … and just to buy one!”

Catherine, South Gloucestershire

“More hygienic and easier.”

Sarah O, Glasgow

“I don’t use applicators as I like to know where the tampon is going, but with the tampons available currently, it’s not the most hygienic of things. The new tampliner allows me to insert myself and remove with ease without any mess at all.”

Jodie H, Sheffield

“It feels more secure and less likely to leak.”

Rebekah W, Devon

“Beautiful such a discreet box and love all the information inside it really helped.”

Charlieeh, Harrow

“There was a delay shipping which did mean I had to purchase ordinary sanitary products whilst waiting for my order. However, I was informed of the delay so I knew when to expect it.”

Lana, Chiddingstone Hoath
Callaly organic period products, including tampons, pads, liners and tampliners, lie on a wooden surface with green foliage

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