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Our subscription Ts&Cs

We know it’s never fun to read Ts&Cs 🙁  But transparency is important to us and we think there are some things you should definitely know. By placing an order on our website, you’ll be agreeing to everything below, so bear with us while we try to make these the easiest Ts&Cs you’ve ever read 🤞

Step 1 in making this easy:
🚩 flags any email notifications we’ll send you
✅ is for anything we suggest you do to make sure you’re happy with your subscription

Subscription sign up
We’re not hiding from it – we only offer subscriptions!

  • When you buy your first box on our site and click “Pay now”, you’ll be starting a subscription with us. This means you’ll be charged again in the future and continue to receive more boxes from us, unless you cancel your subscription ✅
  • As soon as you click “Pay now”, we’ll start getting your order ready for you. After that you won’t be able to make any changes to your order or cancel it for a refund – so make sure you review all your details beforehand! ✅
  • After buying your first box, you’ll be asked to create an account login so you can access your customer dashboard in future – this is where you’ll be able to make any changes to your subscription ✅
  • You’ll receive a confirmation of payment via email. If you don’t receive this, it’s unlikely your payment was processed successfully. In this case you won’t have a subscription yet 🚩
  • While it’s rare, we do reserve the right to reject a new subscription or future orders without giving reasons. If this does happen, we’ll refund you for the full price of the order that was rejected

Subscription renewal
Understandably you want to know when you’ll be charged, and we never want you to be surprised when your subscription renews.

  • Your subscription will renew based on the frequency you chose when you first signed up, and you can change this at any time from your customer dashboard. The renewal frequencies we offer are every 4, 8 or 12 weeks
  • The date your subscription renews is the same date we’ll charge you, so you can think of them as being the same thing. This is also when your next order is processed, meaning we’ll get to work on packing and sending your box to you within 24 hours, excluding weekends and bank holidays
  • We’ll always send you a reminder via email three days before your subscription is due to renew. That way there’s plenty of time for you to make any changes, skip a box or cancel your subscription 🚩
  • We ask that you make any changes in your customer dashboard by 11:59pm on the day before your subscription renews (and we’ll remind you of this… in each reminder email). After that we’re not able to edit or cancel your order. Any changes made to your subscription on the day of your renewal will apply to your subsequent box (not the one that’s already on its way to you) ✅
  • Whenever you change your next delivery date or skip a box in your customer dashboard, you’re also changing when your subscription will renew ✅

Payment and pricing
It’s just not about knowing when you’ll be charged but also how. And how much! Read on…

  • The great thing about subscriptions is you’ll only ever have to enter your payment details once, when you first sign up with us. (Unless they expire, but don’t worry – we’ll be in touch before that happens). After that, we’ll keep charging that same payment method based on the subscription frequency you’ve chosen
    • You can pay with all major credit and debit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay. We also accept Klarna from our Swedish customers. To be safe with your information, we use secure payment processing through Stripe – or through Paypal or Klarna directly. This means we never have access to your unique payment details
    • You can change your payment method in your customer dashboard at any time, and we’ll use that in future ✅
  • We’ll always send you a confirmation email within 24 hours of your payment method being charged. Once you’ve received this email, we’re not able to make changes to your order or cancel it – it’s already on its way to be packed! 🚩
  • We price your boxes based on the products you choose, so if you never make any changes to your product mix, you’ll be charged the same amount on each renewal date (not taking into account any credit or promotional offers you may use)
    • If you adjust your product mix, any change in the price of your box is immediately reflected in your customer dashboard ✅
    • Our prices already include VAT, so what you see is what you pay
    • While we understand this might have a negative impact on our customers, we reserve the right to raise our prices at any time. If this were to happen we would notify you in advance and give you the opportunity to make any changes to your subscription or cancel it before your subscription renews
  • There are two ways to reduce the price of your next box: through credit or promotional offers (promos). If you have either on your account, you’ll be able to see this on your customer dashboard until they’re used up
    • Credit offered for specific customer surveys (or other helpful input) will be applied to your account within 6 hours of survey completion (we’ll let you know via email or your customer dashboard if an activity is offering credit)
    • You’ll need to apply promos (usually in the form of a code) to your account from your customer dashboard. You can only use one promo at a time and, if you’re using our student discount, you’re not able to apply any other promos to your account
    • If you have both credit and promos on your account, the promo will be used first followed by the credit. There’s no limit to how many boxes your outstanding credit and promotions can span – we simply let you use it all up, no matter how many boxes that takes
  • You can find an invoice for each of your orders in your customer dashboard

Payment failures
Questionably fun fact of the day: the technical word for when this happens is ‘dunning’…

  • This could happen for a variety of reasons, and when it does occur we’ll try to charge that same payment method a few times within a two-week period. We’ll send you an email each time we attempt to charge you and it doesn’t go through 🚩
  • The most common ways to fix this are to add funds to your payment method (if there wasn’t enough to cover the cost of your box) or to switch to a different payment method in your customer dashboard ✅
  • If you’re unable to do this within the two-week window, your subscription will be automatically cancelled 🥺

Period products are time sensitive: when you need them, you really need them. That’s why we always do our best to keep you informed on your box’s whereabouts

  • Once your order has been processed, we’ll do our best to pack and ship it to you within 24 hours, excluding weekends and bank holidays. Unpredictable events could occur that delay this, so we can’t guarantee it’ll always be within 24 hours
  • You’ll always get a shipment confirmation via email letting you know your box is on its way 🚩
  • Once your box has shipped, we can’t guarantee an exact delivery date. Instead, we estimate the following delivery time frames per country, excluding weekends and bank holidays (these have been updated to reflect Covid-19 related shipping delays):
    • 3-5 working days in the UK
    • 5-10 working days to Ireland
    • 7-12 working days to Sweden and the Netherlands (When shipping to Sweden, we use a prepaid service so you won’t have to pay any customs charges.)
  • We use Whistl and then a local postal service to deliver your boxes to you (Royal Mail in the UK, An Post in Ireland, Post Nord in Sweden and Post NL in the Netherlands). Sorry in advance but, since the local postal service is out of our control, you’re about to read a list of ‘can’ts’
    • We can’t deliver to PO boxes in any of the countries we ship to
    • Our boxes are designed to fit through a UK standard-sized letterbox. If your letterbox is smaller than this size or you don’t have a letterbox at all, your local postal service might knock on your door to see if you’re at home to collect, or if they can’t safely deliver your box they might choose to come back another time instead
    • We can’t guarantee that your local postal service will leave collection instructions if they’re unable to deliver your box
    • We can’t guarantee how many times they’ll try to deliver your box again before they send it back to your local depot. If you’re unable to collect your box from the depot, it will get sent back to our warehouse and we’ll be in touch with you when it does
    • We can’t provide proof of delivery notifications
    • We can’t be held responsible if delivery is delayed due to disruptions with your local postal service, meaning we can’t provide a refund or a replacement box if this happens
  • We pack and ship your boxes from the UK, and a tracked service is offered only to customers in Sweden and the Netherlands, countries that are experiencing greater Covid-19 related shipping delays from the UK. When available, tracking links will be shared with you in your shipment notification emails
  • We offer free delivery on all subscription orders, except for certain promotions when we’ll make it clear this isn’t the case
  • As with any changes to your subscription, you have until 11:59pm on the day before your subscription renews to change the delivery address you’d like your next box sent to ✅

Cancellation and reactivation
Life happens. If you need to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time. You can also reactive your subscription just as easily

  • You’ll find the link to cancel your subscription in the “Your account” section of your customer dashboard ✅
  • Your dashboard will immediately reflect that your subscription is cancelled. You’ll also receive a cancellation confirmation via email within 24 hours of cancelling. If you don’t receive this, it’s unlikely that your cancellation was successful and your active subscription will still be charged at some point 🚩
  • You won’t be billed by Callaly or receive any boxes while your subscription is cancelled
  • When you reactivate your subscription (good choice!), you’ll have 24 hours to make any changes before your next order is placed and we get to work packing your box
  • You guessed it – you’ll receive a reactivation confirmation via email within 24 hours of reactivating. If you don’t receive this, your subscription will still be cancelled and there won’t be another box on the way 🚩

Refunds and replacement boxes
This bit we take very seriously. We promise you a box of Callaly period products, in great condition, delivered on time.

  • If your box or products arrive in a state that’s anything less than great condition, please get in touch with us within 72 hours of receiving your box, including a photo of whatever’s not up to scratch. If, at our discretion, we agree your products don’t meet our quality standards, we’ll offer you the choice of a refund (partial or full depending on the products affected) or a replacement box. If you get in touch more than 72 hours after receiving your box, you’ll no longer be eligible for a refund or a replacement box ✅
  • When it comes to being “delivered on time”, here’s how we ensure this promise is met:
    • We base this on the estimated delivery timeframes shared above. We can’t offer you a refund or a replacement box before the end of your estimated delivery time frame, since your order might still be on its way!
    • If your box doesn’t arrive within the estimated timeframe, please let us know within seven days of the last working day of your delivery window. For orders sent via an untracked service, we’ll offer you a refund or a replacement box. If you let us know after those seven days have passed, you’ll no longer be eligible for either option. For orders sent via a tracked service, we’ll check your latest tracking information to see how close by your order is and possibly ask you to wait a bit longer ✅
    • If your box is returned to our warehouse, we’ll contact you to see if you’d like a refund or a replacement box. If we don’t hear back from you within 72 hours, you’ll no longer be eligible for either ✅
    • If your delivery address is incomplete or incorrect, we can’t offer you a refund or a replacement box, so do make sure this is accurate ✅
    • If your delivery is delayed by disruptions with your local postal service or for reasons outside of our control (like adverse weather conditions or force majeure events), we won’t be able to offer you a refund or a replacement box
  • From 12am midnight on the date your subscription renews, we’ll be unable to change your order, cancel it or offer you a refund, even if your order hasn’t been shipped yet. This will apply even if:
    • You’ve not yet opened and read your payment confirmation email
    • You’ve not opened and read the upcoming renewal reminder email
    • You didn’t make the changes you wanted to your subscription before you renewed and were charged
    • You didn’t cancel your subscription before you renewed and were charged
    • You weren’t aware that you’d signed up to a subscription

We never want to mislead anyone, so we make sure that all our communications about subscriptions, payments and renewals are as clear as possible.

Because of the nature of period products, once your box has been delivered to you, we’re not able to accept a return – even if the box is unopened.

  • If you’ve had issues with your products or delivery, we’ll look to offer you a refund or a replacement box instead, so do get in touch with our customer care team within 72 hours of receiving your box ✅

If you receive an edible treat from another brand in our boxes, we hope you enjoy it! Please refer to the individual sample packaging for any relevant allergy advice and expiry dates. Because these product samples are made by our partners and not by Callaly, we can’t guarantee that they will be allergen-free or what date they need to be eaten by. Further information can be found on the individual brand’s website or by getting in touch with their team. Happy snacking!

So… how did we do? If these Ts&Cs weren’t as easy to get through as we’d hoped, you can always contact us with any questions. We’ll be here, memorising our dunning terminology factsheet.


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Customer support
At this time, our small team in the UK handles all communications with customers, in English language only.