Say goodbye to leaks

Introducing the Tampliner, a tampon and a liner all in one

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Callaly organic period products, including tampons, pads, liners and tampliners, lie on a wooden surface with green foliage

Don’t settle for stains

Ever asked a friend to check the back of your outfit? We get it. Stained undies are… well… pants. In fact, two-thirds of us wear a pad or a liner as well as a tampon just to prevent leaks. And that’s enough to get our knickers in a right old twist.

We’ve got you covered

Introducing the Tampliner, a tampon and a mini liner combined to provide extra protection. Mess-free, easy to use, and made from soft organic cotton, it’s designed to prevent leaks, protect your pants and help you take control of your period.

A hand holds an unwrapped Callaly tampliner
A Callaly customer holding a wrapped tampliner
A hand reaches for a tampliner in a chic bathroom setting
A hand reaches for a tampliner in a chic bathroom setting

B-Corps do it better

We’ll always put your health before our profits. Find out how

Soft organic cotton

All our products are gentle on your body and the planet

Free from toxins

Our cotton is free from dyes, pesticides, dioxins and fragrances


Our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or compostable

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Organic cotton tampliners

A high-quality tampon with a built-in liner to prevent leaks

Box of 16
From £8 £6

Organic cotton tampons

Non-applicator tampons, free from plastic and chlorine

Box of 36
From £10.80 £8.10

Organic cotton pads

Super-soft day and night pads, gentle on your body

Box of 24
From £12 £9

Organic cotton liners

Ultra-slim and secure liners for extra protection

Box of 36
From £9 £6.75

Build your own box

Create a personalised mix of products and absorbencies

All you need for your period*, delivered to your door

*minus foot rubs, hot water bottle, words of affirmation etc.


Choose tampons, pads, liners and tampliners in any absorbencies


Book regular deliveries to fit your cycle, or just buy when you need


Your products arrive through your letterbox a few days later

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