What’s it like to use a Tampliner? Astrid, customer for 10 months

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Trying a new period product can be daunting, so we’ve been chatting to experienced tampliner users to get the lowdown on what you can expect. First up is Astrid, 30, from London.

What period products did you use before you tried tampliners, and how happy were you with them?
I used pads for a while and then I moved on to tampons because I found they were cleaner. But for both of them I never really felt that it did what it needed to, so oftentimes I’d just double up to feel comfortable.

What made you want to give tampliners a try?
I really enjoyed the fact that it was something totally new. I feel like for something that so many women use on a monthly basis, having so little innovation is kind of mind-boggling. I really appreciated that. Then the fact that there’s a pad attached to the tampon makes me feel like I don’t need to go very heavy on multiple products.

I also really like the fact that they arrive just before my period

How have you found the subscription service and delivery?
I really appreciate the fact that I can’t forget to go and buy some. There’s always something coming my way. Also, [period products are] not embarrassing but they’re not something you really enjoy buying, so it’s nice to not have to have them in your basket. I also really like the fact that they arrive just before my period because for some reason I still always forget that it’s going to come. So it’s like “Oh yeah, I need to think about this, right!”

And how do you find the design of the tampliner itself?
Before, I would use tampons without applicators and I don’t really like using applicators at all, so for me the virtual applicator is perfect. The mini-liner doesn’t feel awkward, in fact I don’t really feel it at all. I don’t notice while I’m wearing it that there’s something different going on.

Do you manage to wee while wearing a tampliner?
Going to the bathroom is usually a sign for me to change my tampliner, so I usually don’t pee with it at all. When I have, I’m not more careful than I normally am and I haven’t had any issues. Sometimes the liner sits differently and I might say “Ah OK, this time I need to move it a bit”, but it’s not really something I think about.

So the virtual applicator – it feels like quite a natural insertion and removal process?
Oh yes, this is so much better. It’s so much cleaner because you actually use the virtual applicator to push the tampon in. Your hand stays clean, but also pulling the tampon back into the virtual applicator is just so much nicer. I was telling my friend yesterday – and this is quite disgusting but you know, we all go through it – you don’t have to pull it out and have it all dangling around your legs, like “Don’t touch my legs, don’t touch my legs!” You don’t have that because the tampon just pulls back in, it’s fine, it’s clean.

For the product itself, I don’t really think it could be improved

Yes, for me, the removal and the fact that the tampon’s captured back into the virtual applicator is just amazing. That’s definitely my favourite part and it has not gotten old.
Me too! To be honest if it was just that on its own without even the mini-liner it would already be such an improvement on all the other products. I was travelling recently and it really brings it top of mind because when you’re at home you’re in your routine and you can work around your period. But when you’re in bathrooms at hostels there’s that little added pressure of ‘what does the bin look like?’, ‘is there even a bin?’ So the virtual applicator is a useful thing that adds to the comfort of using the product.

Are there any changes you’d suggest, with the product or the subscription service?
For the product itself, I don’t really think it could be improved. There have been no new products for so long that I’m still in the mindset of ‘oh yes, this is better!’ Subscription-wise I do feel weird using a tampon at night – I prefer my period to be free-flowing. I wouldn’t like that in the day because pads are annoying, but I kind of like it at night. That means that there’s kind of too many in the box. I usually have some left from the month before so it stacks up before I remember to say I don’t need any this month. Which reminds me, when I first paused the box I saw that you can customise how many heavy, medium and light you get, and I really enjoyed that.

Are you a Callaly customer and want to share your experience of using tampliners? Just drop us an email at feedback@calla.ly. 💛
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