5 reasons we love: being a B Corp

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Ever heard of a B Corp? Wahoo for those who have. And for those who haven’t, don’t worry – B Corporations (their full name) aren’t well known in the UK, so many people aren’t aware of them. Before most of us started working at Callaly, we’d never heard of B Corps either but they’re now becoming more common, so let us explain a bit more.

B Corps are companies that have committed to making the world a better place through business, and they’re held to their promises by the nonprofit B Lab. In order to become a B Corp, a company must prove that it can meet the rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency set by B Lab.

When we were just starting out, we decided that we wanted to join the league of businesses around the world that were not only committing to doing good but were also willing to prove it. So now that we’re a fully-fledged B Corp (check out our profile here), we wanted to share what we love about being a B Corp.

1) It gives purpose to all we do. We believe that it’s not enough to just claim you’re making a positive impact – you really need to prove it. In order to become a B Corp, we went through a rigorous application process – and we’ll be audited within the first two years to make sure we’re keeping our promises.

2) We’re part of a community. Every month there’s a B Corp meetup here in London and it’s always a great opportunity to connect with other B Corps. By getting to know our fellow B Corps, we’ve been able to partner with them and enjoy sharing our knowledge.

3) We’re in great company. Fellow B Corps include Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker, Pukka Tea, Divine Chocolate, Patagonia and many more. You can see the whole list here.

4) We get to spend our time helping charities we love, both individually and as a team.

5) It brings us together as a company. Our commitment to the highest standards of business affects everything we do and gives us a unifying objective across teams and departments. It’s our baseline for making decisions on everything from the suppliers we work with to the dye we use to print our boxes.

Callaly B Corporations

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