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Teen period kit

We’ve built a box to suit a light or regular flow, but everybody’s different! Pick and mix products to suit your period, all made with 100% organic cotton.

Choose 6 or 8 packs (6 packs for pads)

Choose 6 or 8 packs (6 packs for pads)

  • Tampliners

    Pack of 4

    • Regular
    • Super
    • Super+
  • Tampons

    Pack of 6

    • Light
    • Regular
    • Super
    • Super+
  • Pads

    Pack of 4

    • Day
    • Night
  • Liners

    Pack of 6


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Product absorbency guide

  • Light Tampons
  • Liners
  • Regular Tampliners
  • Regular Tampons
  • Day Pads
  • Super Tampliners
  • Super Tampons
  • Night Pads
  • Super+ Tampliners
  • Super+ Tampons

Here’s what we’re made of

We’re totally transparent about what goes into our products, and there are no nasties on the list.

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